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Monday, December 18, 2006

Terrell Owens: We've A Book Title Suggestion for You

In the continuing saga of our favorite NFL star wide receiver the Dallas Cowboys' Terrell Owens there is another chapter.

This time we're talking about behavior that little children learn is unacceptable very early on. On Saturday night during a game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys, sometime during the first quarter, after only six plays, Owens spit on De Angelo Hall in retaliation for unending taunts from the Atlanta Falcons' corner back.

Firstly, we want to say we understand how difficult it is to be Terrell Owens. Sure he's making the big bank. He's getting all the honeys, and is adored by many and hated by some. There are folks who admire his achievements, his talents on the field and his obvious athletic ability. There are others who envy his ability, his focus and the publicity he seems to attract where ever he goes.

Secondly, we see Terrell Owens as, a former country boy, now, an adult who has not fully developed to handle the success he deserves for the time and effort he has put into being the best in the NFL.

We think an intervention is needed
. We think the NFL should pay more attention to the emotional issues presented by the players whose backgrounds and life experiences before coming to the league do not prepare them for the situations that come up during their careers. Whether it is on the field or off the field, we think, the NFL franchise owners need to take as much care of the players as the owners of thoroughbred race horses take care of their multi-million dollar investments.

Veteran players in the league understand what it is like to come from, in most cases, single parent homes, low economic situations, and to be suddenly thrust into big money environs with little or no preparation for these circumstances.

More attention from the owners, league officials, and the Players' Association is forthcoming for players, not just those of the stature of a Terrell Owens, but for the rank and file players as well.

Clearly this incident with Owens is a wake-up call for getting help for this man who has obvious anger management difficulties, as well as providing guidelines for players like Hall, who is apparently distraught not only for being demeaned by Owens' spitting on him, but for having lost the game as well.

We're just sorry Hall made the poor decision to taunt Owens to respond in anger in such a socially unacceptable way. We can not imagine what a less experienced defensive player could have said to the more experienced and talented wide receiver to elicit/evoke/provoke such a response. We are sorry Owens made the dreadful decision to retaliate by spitting.

Perhaps the title in the next "Little T" book, a series of books for children co-authored by Owens should be: "Little T Learns Not to Spit!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone needs to knock him off hsi rocker!
This guy is cooked. His brain is fried.

It's sort of sad, not all his fault. He obviously was not taught certain things you aren't supposed to do and how to behave in life and with all his experiences---good and bad--he hasn't learned from them either on his own. He can get it though--anyone who has the disciplne it takes to reach the level he has as a professional famous athlete, make the money he makes and become famous--does know direction and focus and what to sustain. But it's the 'common' every day courtesys he is lacking and I blame the adults who raised him in not giving him enough time to grab it. Perhaps his examples are lacking.

All I do know is on two occassions in both his first and last book, he asked folks to listen and understand him, hear his side of everything, then judge. He spoke very emotionally of a spitting incident in his own childhood which had a profound effect on him as he grew and as he came to come in to his life's future and that it propelled him to succeed, how he grew from the pain and hurt of it. How that incident alone is always with him.

He must have had a lapse in memory when he hurled one at DeAngelo Saturday, huh?

1:20 PM

Anonymous Henry Gandolph said...

Thank you for your comments about our favorite athlete.

When initially we heard about the incident, we like all of his fans were confused and perplexed as to how he could have done such a thing.

As fans we'd all read his books. We know very well of the episode he relates about someone spitting in/on him.

We, now, understand that the incident which occurred between Terrell Owens and De Angelo Hall was a matter of "spraying" and not "hurling". We, further, understand, that as we suspected Terrell Owens did not forget about his negative boyhood experience; nor did he have a lapse in good manners; that is to say, he apologized immediately for accidentally "spraying" while speaking.

We do believe he was ambushed by the media, by his good friend Deione Sanders, who at the very least could have informed him as to what exactly he was responding to when questioned about the incident, only moments after Hall gave his version of the so-called spitting. (The whole thing is really like something a disappointed child would make up to compensate for his inadequacies. Hall, being the disappointed juvenile who exaggerated what happened. By omitting pertinent facts like, it was "spraying" and not deliberate spitting, he made our guy look like the villain, yet again, to a press corps and public that is all too willing to accept that as Owens' true persona.)

We do maintain our position that it is in his best interests to just keep his mouth shut!

As the late entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr., who himself was no stranger to controversy and publicity, once said, "You don't always have to have an answer." To which we add when you don't have an answer the message does not have to be conveyed in a hostile way.

We still love, and admire Terrell Owens, with all his human faults, and we wish him the very best in the New Year, and in years to come.

11:31 PM


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