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Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year 2007! George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Vito Corleone; George Herbert Walker Bush, the President's Father Cries in Public

It's a brand New Year. Henry, Clark, and GIRL6, along with the entire YTW staff extend best wishes to everyone for a healthy, prosperous and joyful year.

We're excited about all the stories, opinions, and news we will be delivering to you in the new year. We thank you for your patronage, and hope that you will tell a friend about our site and our forum.

In the meantime we do have a few old news items on which we wish to comment. So hold on to your mouse here we go.....

Up first-- George Herbert Walker Bush . The presidential father, and former president was making the rounds on television quite frequently during the previous 6 weeks. He was seen almost everywhere in the company of Bill Clinton, then in television interviews with George Clooney-wherein he hinted at his interest in Britney Spears, she sans underpants, and he was seen at a Florida leadership program honoring younger son Jeb, then outgoing governor, now former governor of Florida.

Seems Bush 41 became overcome with emotion as he spoke of the courage, grace and elegance his younger son, Jeb, showed in the face of defeat when he lost the 1994 election in Florida for governor.

It was during that time G.H.W.B. and the rest of the family had bet their money on the "bob-tailed nag" and it was "the gray" that brought home the roses. (Remember, former First Lady and mother Barbara Bush stated on Dubya's inaugural day, "We always thought Jeb would be the one") . Talk about a dysfunctional family.

Everyone was so sure the winner of the gubernatorial race in Florida would be Jeb Bush, and that the loser in Texas, against the late Ann Richards, would be George W. Bush. Everyone knew that the "smart one" Jeb Bush would have the best chance to become president if he were successful in winning the race in Florida. The expectation was that George, aka Dubya, would lose the Texas race, and thus continue to be the rebellious, alcoholic, drug abusing loser he'd always been.

As fate would have it, Jeb lost to the Flroida Democrat, the late Lawton Chiles; and Dubya won defeating the popular Texas Democrat, the late Ann Richards, and as they say, "the rest is history."

Now to answer the question why Daddy Bush was crying about his boy(s).
We believe it's a set-up. Previously Jeb, the "smart one" has said he has no interest in being president, or words to that effect. International politicians, especially those in the Middle East, have stated a Bush dynasty in the White House is almost inevitable.

We agree. The choices being what they are in this country. The Democrats are in disarray, no natter what Nancy Pelosi says. What kind of choice is there to be made between a novice, freshman senator from Illinois, who happens to be of black African descent and a shrewish former First Lady everyone loves to hate?

We think G.H.W.B's tearful appearance in Florida at a leadership meeting was either a set-up or an indication of his final meltdown upon accepting that the wrong kid won the presidency. Perhaps Bush 41 realized GWB is still ,in the face of the Iraq Study Group Report, unrepentant, adamantly so, about his policies in Iraq. Maybe Bush 41 was thinking, "If only he'd take a page from Jeb's book and graciously accept that his policy decisions have been defeated."

We liken it to this: Imagine Mario Puzo's character, Vito Corleone, the Godfather, finally realizes not Michael, the youngest and brightest of his sons, not even Santino(Sonny) Corleone has ascended to control of the Corleone Family--but Fredo is runnin' the show.

Imagine how overwhelming such an actuality would be for Don Corleone? We believe this is why the president's father was crying for both his sons in public. It was the stress of six years of denying the facts. We believe that both Don Corleone, and George Herbert Walker Bush would have been less desolate to see their daughters, Connie and Dorothy respectively, in charge of the family business, than to see George or Fredo in charge.

G.H.W.B. acquiesced. It's a fact Fredo is in the Oval office.

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Anonymous Girl6 said...

Happy New Year Everyone! Girl6 here! Henry--Clark, all the best and thanks so much for allowing me in here a bit in last year to join you all in my little additions. Let's look forward to a great new year in 2007 and much more prosperity, health and happiness!
Your girl, GIRL6!!!! :)

1:43 PM

Anonymous Bliss said...

No--you did not compare this to The sons of Vito Coreleone??!! LOL!!! Cracked me up! Imagine though-Fredo in the White House. Goodness gracious me!!!

But it's a great analogy!!!!

1:45 PM

Anonymous Henry Gandolph said...

Thank you for your comment and the compliment.

The analogy hit us like a ton of rubber bricks and boy-oh B-O-Y did we laugh!!

We calls 'em the way we sees 'em, and it looks to us like "the Don", George Hebert Walker Bush, suffered a nervous collapse in public when as he was addressing a group honoring his son, "Michael", Jeb also known as John E. Bush, aka "the smart one". It was during this occasion that acceptance came and slapped him upside his head. "Fredo", George Walker Bush is the leader of the free world. The older son, the one who wasn't suppose to win in Texas, the rebellious drug abusing, alcoholic, near-do-well fuck-up is the most powerful man on the planet. The really sad fact is Mario Puzo's character "Fredo" had a lot more compassion than the dude in the White House.

We do believe this is a set-up. Watch out there Mr.John and/ or Ms Jane Q. Public. This could be the set-up of the century, after that thing incident on 09-11-2001...another Bush goes to Washington...straight to the White House...unless the one who occupies the spot doesn't leave....

7:53 AM


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