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Friday, January 12, 2007

James Brown Tribute 1933-2006 (Part One)

This is Clark Dark introducing that delectable chocolate sweetie,GIRL6 with a tribute to James Brown. GIRL6.
    Thank you Clark. I want to take a solemn moment to recall, recognize and remember the late great,

    GREAT Godfather of Soul, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, Soul Brother No.1….. Brother James Brown. This ‘GIRL’ can tell you James Brown was a huge influence and a part of my growing up, my young adulthood and my life as a full grown and sexy adult until the day he passed on.

    Oh the concerts and the songs and all that went with them! To list a few of my favorites---Make It Funky, Soul Power, Super Bad (Part I and
    Part II), Big Payback, This Is A Man’s World, Cold Sweat, Sex Machine, Funky Good Time, Say it Loud(I’m Black and I’m Proud). The list goes on and on but these are the jams that made me move and groove way into the night at parties in high school and college.

    James brought a rawness to live performances which weren’t far off the mark when compared to the performances captured in the studio recordings.

    It was the songs on stage with his band, a tight, precision band of so many very highly skilled wonderful trained musicians, all very talented themselves; the dancers on occasion and the singers—all of these perfomers added to the fiery fusion of his own sound, A sound that could get a good ready crowd all worked up in a frenzied cycle of passion and dance and a feeling that you would not want to end no time soon. I would always go dressed comfortably to see a James Brown show. There was no way you'd sit still for a James Brown show. You were going to move and dance and after one musical experience, you were def going to sweat!


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