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Friday, January 12, 2007

James Brown Tribute 1933-2006 (Part Two)

    Another aspect of James is his enduring influence on music. He has influenced many, many other great musical icons through his decades long musical legacy.

    The Beatles, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.Musical genres such as blues, pop, disco, hip-hop and rap exhibit the impact of his artistic innovations. Michael Jackson and PRINCE, to name the obvious are examples of James Brown's significance in the history of American popular music.

    It is no secret who influenced both Michael Jackson and PRINCE. It is quite apparent by what you see PRINCE do on stage. You can tell he patterned himself after James. The way he leads and commands a band on stage, his delivery of a song and his moves--all so very reminiscent of the Great Funky One.

    All of us have seen by the foot work Michael Jackson displays when dancing, that from the time he was a child to appearing onstage as an adult with James, Michael holds James Brown in extremely high esteem.

    I have seen only once a rare piece of film footage which captured James on stage with both PRINCE and Michael Jackson, each performing a dance maneuver to show the one they idolize how much he means to them; and James ever so grateful, proud and pleased with both young men. (This was sometime ago as Prince was not quite full on Purple Rain "The Kid" yet but almost).

    James had another side which endeared him to many fans. His love of people in general and his generosity to care and teach and take pride in oneself. Many times I read where he stalled near riots.

    That was during turbulent times in this country in places he traveled where there was unrest. That was back during the Civil Rights era. Often times he spoke directly to young people encouraging them to get an education. He encouraged them to turn away from violent behavior toward one another and others. Always persuading and trying to show others a better way to live through improving themselves. Uplifting people by his message songs and his patriotism.

    I appreciated him for who he was. A real man. He was always grateful. Many times flawed by the things he was entrapped by through his fame. The State of South Carolina appreciated James, too. Not many people recall James, at age 70, was pardoned by the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services for his run-ins with the law in that state. Brown, who appeared before the board, sang "God Bless America" after the decision. This means he was fully forgiven from all the legal consequences of his crime and his conviction. His response to the decision filled with gratitude:
    "God bless America on this beautiful day. I hope my pardon shows the youth that America is a beautiful country. I feel good!"
    One thing for sure you know when you bought and paid for a show ticket to see him—you got your money’s worth and then some.

    Thank you Mr. Brown. Thank you for being for being in my life at the time you were. Thank you for providing me with good times and good soul shaking, body movin' music for listening and dancing. You won’t be forgotten.
    Missed a lot but *(tapping my heart)* you right here man!

    Farewell, rest easy.
"Que pasa people, que pasa! Hit me!"-James Brown
Ladies and gentlemen we ask you to take a few moments to join us in enjoying a video tribute to the number one Soul Brotha, the late, the great
...GodFather Of Soul,(GFOS)-- everybody knows him as JB, Mr. Dynamite, Poppa's Got A Brand New Bag, Say It Loud-I'm Black and I'm Proud! The Sex Machine, Mr. Please, Please, Please, Try Me.... This Is A Man's World, Get Up Offa That Thang, Get On Up, Mr. I... Feel... Good....the Hardest Working Man in Show Business.... JAMES BROWN! click here

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