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Friday, January 12, 2007

T.O. Fires Publicist Kim Etheredge

GIRL6 has the latest scoop about our favorite NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys.
Well, well,well!

Saving a life means nothing today. And saving the life of your employer means even less. Talk about gratitude!

As reported in Dallas Monday and all over ESPN and other media outlets this week seems the all mouthy one, spit-spuing, "my-girl-don't-love-me" proclaiming, too much drama, "gimme me the ball", dropping too many balls, perhaps
soon-to-be-looking-for-his-own-j-o-b wide out of the Dallas Cowboys, Terrell Owens supposedly has released Kim "Miss 25 Million Reasons to Live, Though I May Have Saved Your A**" Etheredge, from her position as his personal publicist.

Okay, we all heard Ms Etheredge in her news conference. The way she responded after the alledged "accidental" overdose incident of Terrell Owens last September; saying those words she should regret in reference to his Dallas contract,as the reason he would not hardly take his own life as initially reported he had attempted to do.

I mean it may have been completely believable--all the spin doctoring surrounding the incident, had she not made such an irresponsible, unprofessional statement. Couldn't it?

They was kinda on a roll with it after Owens appeared several hours after being in a hospital; he looking pretty alive, alert and cunning for the cameras and all media at the Irvin facility; he explaining what had happened and absurdly misunderstood by us mortals.

Who these folks tryta to be foolin'? I am not sayin all is truth in all this. We was being worked over for sure.

However, there was a 911 call for help to his address and Girlfriend did sound shaky and overwhelmed about something though she never mentioned the word "suicide" or who "he" was. An emergency unit did respond; there is a police report; and he did have a hospital stay overnight. It's has been relatively quiet as far as any mention of Ms Etheredge in connection to T.O., as in T.O. has distanced himself from Etheredge unlike their relationship before this mysterious incident and nearly well orchestrated news conference. And now, she gets fired, released, quit or whatever. He may have had 25 million reason to get rid of her(??)

EDITOR'S NOTE: (The head of the Dallas Police union is demanding an apology from Terrell Owens and Owens' "fancy little football person".)

Well, all I am saying is there is a story here. Perhaps we'll never know the deal. It involves the parties mentioned past and present. All I can think right now is...."I possibly saved your life and after four months we can't repair or fix or whatever enough so you don't fire me so publicly?"

I wonder what kind of relationship they really had?
Things that make you go ..Hmmmmmmm.

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Good gawd! Heh-Heh-Heh! Ha!

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