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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tonye Allen Ann Brown New Hearing Date February 16, 2007

The situation with Tonye Allen and Ann Brown,

the two American journalists on an extended stay in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has not been resolved. Just in case you thought they have resumed their lives, we want you to know, they have not. Thanks to the Canadian (in)justice system they continue to deal with this matter.

Bureaucratic scheduling results in court dates with no other effect than to add more stress as the "defendant" and his family wait; while his circle of support grows more weary of the wait; with more hours added to the invoice for the private attorney's services; We believe this is done in hopes the alleged perpetrators will give up or acquiesce to the system and not fight to prove their innocence. It is also done as a form of socially sanctioned pre-trial abuse and punishment. What is the point of court appearances every 3 weeks when the court is not ready to proceed? Generally, their lives have been totally disrupted. Allen's and Brown's every waking hour is spent dealing with every aspect associated with this ordeal.

Currently there is available an online petition to be signed and presented to the Canadian government to bring pressure to bear for the speedy resolution of this case for Allen and Brown.

The Canadian government is very much like Tina Turner, who said about herself, Ike Turner and the Ikettes on the recording of "Rolling on the River"--"We never do anything nice and easy...", and so Allen and Brown supporters, in response to the government of Canada's disapportionment of justice, are proposing a boycott of Canadian tourism if this incident is not resolved in the prescribed manner as stated in The Petition.

Here is the latest in Tonye Allen's case:

  • The January 22, 2007 hearing was held and adjourned until Friday, February 16, 2007

  • This is what has happened in the past:(This story came to our attention in December 2006. YTW is committed to continuing coverage of Tonye Allen and Ann Brown's plight until it is satisfactorily concluded.)
  • On Thursday, January 4, 2007 another hearing was held and adjourned until Monday, January 22, 2007.
  • (You will notice the hearings in which the prosecution is not ready to proceed are being scheduled approximately every 3 weeks. This, an informed Toronto source tells us, is what the Toronto courts do: have the accused appear every 3-4 weeks for nine months to a year before the court is ready to proceed. Should the accused be late once he could end up in jail, should his lawyer fail to appear, or ask for an adjournment on the accused's behalf the accused will be further berated for allegedly wasting the court's time.)
  • Allen has been charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer in an unprovoked October attack by Toronto police. (Apparently Allen beat himself up in a battle with the police)
  • Allen sustained more than a dozen serious injuries despite being unarmed and providing no resistance to the arresting officers. He merely inquired why he was being arrested. When his fiance, Ann Brown asked where Allen was being taken she was threatened with arrest. (The officers in question were deeply injured and wounded by his words.)
  • Tonye Allen has hired Canadian attorney Jason Bogle to represent him in this matter. (Jason Bogle, a respected Toronto lawyer was, himself, previously arrested by Toronto police "mind bogglingly" for resembling a black man; Attorney Bogle is after all black, who was detained under the guise of being a suspect in the shooting murder of a 15 year old; a killing that took place just moments before he was surrounded by numerous plain clothes detectives. Bogle was allegedly accused of being a "lawyer and a drug dealer".)
  • In a December hearing in Toronto, Ontario the court issued an order returning Tonye Allen's passport. With that order also came a change of bail requirements. He and Ann Brown can travel outside of Canada but they must return for court dates and the trial. (Every 3 weeks.)
  • Allen and Brown are raising funds from donations made by the public to cover legal costs and other expenses.

    If you wish to contribute go to
    Tonye Allen's Defense Fund for more information on how to donate.

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