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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jessica Simpson, Ken Paves, Elizabeth Edwards,John Edwards, Shakir Stewart, Jay-Z , Paris Hilton

Jessica Simpson: Seems the actress turned Country Western singer is having a string of misfortune. Her latest film, "Major Movie Star" a hit in Russia, has been named a flop by the critics in the U.S. It's going straight to DVD without a theatrical release. And if that weren't bad enough her hairdresser was injured last night when overzealous paparazzi mobbed Simpson's entourage. Simpson along with Ken Paves, tress dresser to the stars, and others were exiting Madeo, a trendy Los Angeles restaurant. An eye witness says one photographer banged into Paves' face as he and another man were trying to protect Simpson from the onslaught. Simpson accompanied her Coiffeur-In-Chief who was rushed to Cedar-Sinai hospital in West Hollywood for emergency treatment from the restaurant.

Observers are talking about former North Carolinla Senator John Edwards'wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth was seen recently at a Washington, D.C. forum without her wedding ring. Some are speculating the couple has called it quits. The New York Post reports that sources say John Edwards "is no longer living with Elizabeth and that the couple have separated." The former senator admitted having an affair with Rielle Hunter during his priimary race campaign earlier this year for president. He denies being the father of her baby daughter. Perhaps Elizabeth's fingers are swollen from the cancer medication she is taking. Stay tuned....

The executive vice president of Def Jam Records Shakir Stewart is dead. The company founded in the mid-1980s by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin made the announcement stating only that the executive had died on Saturdya. No cause of death has been confirmed for the man who succeeded Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, in June of this year the role of head of the company. A Cobb County police spokesman does however report Stewart died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. He was found dead in his home in an Atlanta suburb. Our sincere and deepest condolences to his family, friends and business associates.

Finally. Paris Hilton admits her ditzy image is just an act.

"I know what's going on. I'm in on the joke." We are very relieved to know this.

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