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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Brian Dennehy, Fred Thompson: Stars In New Film About Scopes Monkey Trial

Filming will begun September 14, 2009 in economically ravaged Flint, Michigan of the the historic Scopes Monkey Trial with Brian Dennehy in the role of Clarence Darrow and former Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson as William Jennings Bryan.

Pedantic film buffs will say technically the film, "Alleged", is not a re-make of the classic Spencer Tracy film. It is an original screenplay.

The budget for the project is small by Hollywood big pic standards...only a tad over $4.1 million. The benefit of the production and its crew being in to the people of Genesee Township and the inhabitants of downtown Flint is priceless. All of the things that make a film production successful, hotel accommodation, food, restaurants, materials for building sets and location, location, location make Crossroads Village the ideal place to recreate the 1925 Rhea County, Tennessee courthouse and town.

Line producer Kevin Reidy of Dean River Productions says he would recommend Flint, Michigan to other directors and producers because it's already got more of the resources film makers require for location shoots.

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