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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Michael Jackson Funeral: Family, Friends Finally Say, "Good-bye" To Son, Father, Brother, Friend

On Thursday evening September 3, 2009, more than two months after his demise Michael Jackson was laid to rest. Jackson died at the emergency room of the UCLA Medical Center following an incident of cardiac arrest at his home in Holmby Hills from an overdose of a powerful sedative administered by his doctor.

Interment was delayed due to the first autopsy performed by the coroner and a second autopsy performed at the request of the family by a private pathologist.

The Los Angeles County coroner's office has ruled Jackson's death a homicide citing acute propofol intoxication as the main cause.

About two hundred close family and friends gathered to say their final good-byes to the King Of Pop who died June 25, 2009.

Among the mourners were his parents Katherine and Joseph Jackson, all his brothers and sisters and his three children.

Celebrity friends in attendance at the evening service held near Forest Lawn's Great Mausoleum included reclusive actress and business woman, Elizabeth Taylor, actor Macaulay Culkin, Chris Tucker and former wife Lisa Marie Presley, who reportedly gave the Jackson matriarch a tearful embrace.

Clifton Davis, a close friend of the Jackson family for many years, also the composer of the Jackson 5 hit "Never Can Say Goodbye" performed a special rendition of the tune.

In an expression of the sentiment of all who were present Clifton Davis stopped the song at the end and said, "Michael, we can't say goodbye... what we can say is that we love you." We are sure fans around the world would agree.

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