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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheryl Burke Fat? No Just Strong And Healthy

Cheryl Burke, the beautiful professional dancer

partnered with Olympian Maurice Green on the current Dancing With The Stars season seven, has been advised by one male dancer who was on the program but had to leave because his partner was injured,to drop the five pounds she gained over the summer.

Sounds like sour grapes us. Let us tell you why we think these guys are just expressing their inner green meany-monster.

Cheryl Burke has won the competition twice. Once when paired with Drew Lachey,and a second time when she was partnered with retired professional NFL star and SuperBowl champion Emmit Smith.

Maksim Chmerkovsky, a professional dancer who we admire, says he reminded reminded both Burke and "DWTS" newcomer Lacy Schwimmer of the fact "the camera adds 10 pounds".

Also speaking in the role of self appointed weight monitor, professional dancer Louis Van Amstel, who in "DWTS" season 6 was paired with Priscilla Presley. Van Amstel said Burke's weight gain might "discourage" some in the viewing audience, "...if they watch someone who’s dancing her butt off and she’s still heavy." You may recall team Presley-Van Amstel was voted out of the competition early by viewers.

This season's team Misty May-Treanor, of beach volleyball olympics fame, and Maksim Chmerkovsky, is on the sidelines because Treanor tore her Achilles tendon during a rehearsal two weeks ago on the day the show was to be recorded.

We think Green and Burke are in position to win this competition, with Cheryl Burke capturing the title and the coveted glitter ball trophy for a third time.

To us Cheryl Burke looks fabulous. She does not look weak, like a certain celebrity who was bluntly told, on the air during the first week of the season seven competition, to gain a few pounds because she looks so frail and fragile. The certain celebrity was further advised to gain some weight because the exercise from dancing will cause her to lose weight. There are a few male and female dancers who appear to us to be under weight. Perhaps they should take a page from Burke's book. She admits she's come to realize and accept being comfortable with herself.

We agree with Cheryl when she said in an interview with People mag:

"People will always have an opinion about you, whether it's good or bad.But most important is to have a secure feeling about yourself and know that you're beautiful regardless of what people think of you.

I want kids or women out there to realize you don't have to be anorexic to be beautiful."

Cheryl Burke is looking strong, healthy and simply gorgeous. Her choreographic skills are outstanding. She looks incredible in her costumes. Watch her with her celebrity partner Maurice Green tonight as they execute with verve.

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