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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Investigation Updates, Spike Lee, Michael Bloomberg, Conrad Murray, MD: Clark Dark's Celebrity Round-Up

I'm Clark Dark with the latest round-up updates on all things Michael Jackson:

First up, the Los Angeles, California coroner's office has ruled Michael Jackson's death a homocide.: The information was disclosed when a Houston, Texas search warrant was unsealed yesterday as the offices of

An investigation into the death of the King of Pop has called for the subpeona of records from Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson' personal physician, along with medical records for the super star entertainer from Dr. Arnold Klein, Dr. Allan Metzger and Dr. David Adams. Stay tuned.

According to an article written by Bryan Monroe, formerly of Ebony and Jet Magazines, Michael Jackson had confided in Dick Gregory--yes, natural health advocate and civil rights activist, Dick Gregory had been an advisor to Michael; that "Dick, don't leave me, they're trying to kill me." This was in the days before the end of the 2005 trial. Jackson never said who "they" were.

It was a gift to Walter “Clyde” Orange of the Commodores. In 1983 during the Motown 25 celebration Michael Jackson gave the glove, that would soon become iconic in its association with him, to Walter Orange an admitted fan. It was at this television event when Jackson debuted the glove and the urban dance step,now known around the world, the Moonwalk.

On November 21, 2009 in New York City at the Hard Rock Cafe on Time Square, the glove will be featured in an auction. "Clyde" Orange hopes the glove will eventually be displayed at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Spike Lee's planned Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration set for August 29th when the singer would have turned 51, is now expected to have a change of venue. Originally planned for Fort Greene Park in the borough of Brooklyn, the internationally acclaimed film director, Spike lee and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg are considering moving the event to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Permits initially allowed for a crowd of 2,000. Now growing estimates indicate more than 10,000 admirers of the late entertainer are expected to attend the event.

I'm Clark Dark, more Michael Jackson news later.

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