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Monday, November 02, 2009

Michael Jackson Film Earns Over $100 Million In Worldwide Weekend Opening!

Clark Dark reporting: This Is It-the new Michael Jackson Film Is A Hit Around The World!

Early reports indicate the new film, the last footage of the late Michael Jackson in rehearsal for the tour that never was, is an absolute hit in foreign markets. I am reminded even Jesus was not loved in his hometown and country. I am not surprised the late Michael Jackson, King of Pop, is revered in other lands more than in the United States.

Industry experts say the film earned a record $20 million its first day. The posthumous concert rehearsal film opened worldwide on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 in 97 foreign markets being exhibited on more than 15,000 screens. The film earned $103.9 million in its launch.

The footage of Jackson rehearsing for a final concert tour to kick-off in London opened at number one in most of those worldwide markets.

The hottest foreign markets are Japan, France, the U.K. Germany and Australia
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