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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Conclusion: No Photos Please!

The upshot of all of this is that everything would have been just fine as long as there were no pictures.

That there is rape, that there is murder, that there is torture, that there is abuse, that there are actions that are totally abhorrent and appalling is not a problem whatsover, as long as no one records it.

The crime in modern society is not that these things happen, but that they are recorded. The premise is what you don't see won't hurt you, what you can't see can be plausibly denied, what happens elsewhere is somewhere else.

Stuff happens to other people!

And we really don't care what.

The crime is not what has been done to the victims-they are clearly expendable-but offending our eyes, our digestion and our standards of good taste-that clearly is intolerable.

We want to pretend "It's a war for freedom. It's a war for democracy. If only there weren't those damn offensive pictures." "Why can't they remember real torture and real death is okay as long as it happens off screen?"


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