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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Ben Roethlisberger Injured in Bike Crash

The youngest quarterback to lead a team to the Super Bowl championship, broke his jaw and nose in a motorcycle crash Monday in which he was not wearing a helmet.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Big Ben Roethlisberger

heading toward an intersection on the edge of downtown Pittsburgh, collided with a Chrysler New Yorker traveling in the opposite direction. Roethlisberger was injured while riding his black 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa — the company calls it the world's fastest bike for legal street riding. The car took a left turn and a crash with the motorcycle resulted in Roethlisberger being thrown from the bike, police said.

No charges have been filed against the 62 year-old female driver of the car. Her name has not yet been released.

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Anonymous Bliss said...

Although there is much talk on airwaves about whether Ben should be fined, charged, scolded, whatever in the aftermath of his accident. I feel no greater lesson could be learned more by him and others than the fact of his survival. He was very fortunate(at least as reported) to be alive. One can take risks in life but all safety should be given to taking those risks. Maybe now, his zeal in not wearing a helmet will empower him to indeed in future re-think and take the extra steps for pre-caution in self safety. To cherish the very successful blessing of his life and his lifestyle more preciously. I hope he does that. Thank goodness it wasn't any worst. That he or no one else was killed. What a wake up! Ehat a lesson! Good Luck Ben & God Bless.

9:46 PM


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