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Friday, August 08, 2008

Morgan Freeman, Beyonce, L'Oreal Feria Hair Color, John Edwards--Clark Dark's Celebrity Round Up

Clark Dark reporting with your YouThinkWhat Celebrity Round Up FIrst up those "Stay In My Corner" guys, the old school singers known as the Dells with members Marvin Junior (lead baritone), John Carter (lead tenor), Charles Barksdale (bass), Michael McGill (baritone), and Verne Allison (second tenor) -- have continued to set the standard for top-to-bottom male harmony with the release of their new album "Then & Now". It is available for download on music websites such as iTunes and CDBaby.com. The online release of a nine-track digital album is a first for the veteran R&B vocal group's Dells/Way Records label. Known affectionately among their fans as the "Mighty Dells" they have lived up to their name. The Dells are 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees who have been singing and performing together for more than 50 years; They are known in the industry as the most enduring vocal group in the history of Rhythm & Blues. They've sold millions of recordings. The Dells best known R&B and Pop Billboard hits are "Oh What a Nite," "Stay in My Corner," "Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation," and "A Heart is a Heart for Love," among others. The subject of Robert Townsend's 1991 classic film, "The Five Heartbeats", based on the uproarious life and career of the group. If you like old school R&B, whether you are new or old school, check out the new music from the Dells.

Morgan Freeman, one of the most enduring film actors of this generation was injured in an auto crash. He was driving the car belonging to Demaris Meyer, a friend of his wife's Myrna Colley-Lee. The crash occurred near Freeman's Mississippi Delta home. He was hospitalized and underwent surgery for the injuries he sustained in the accident. Freeman was released from a Tennessee hospital on Thursday. Could the passsenger in the car and owner of the same be his new paramour? I ask because...
a day or two following the accident Freeman's lawyer announced Morgan and the Mrs. are getting D-I-V-O-R-C-E-D.

The official word from the L'Oreal company is that they did not re-touch pictures of Jay-Z's wife for their magazine ads. There are two important facts in the previous sentence. The first is L'Oreal denies re-touching the pictures, even though Bey is lookin' very white in the pics. The second fact in that sentence is Jigga and Bey are married. New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg made refence to seeing Jay-Z "and his wife" at basketball games. So there you have it one of the mysteries of 2008 solved by a politician. The other remains a mysterious mystery.

Speaking of political types, mystery and suspense...what a firestorm there is surrounding former North Skack-lacky senator John Edwards,his mistress and their love child. Edwards admits to having the illicit affair with the woman, described as a novice filmmaker who filmed him in documentary style during 2006 as he criss-crossed the country for further name recognition in preparation for a run for the job title POTUS. (I wonder if the outtakes are available for assembly as a sex tape?) But in a "I-Shot-The-Sheriff-But-I-Did-Not-Shoot-The-Deputy" type moment Edwards denies he's the father of the child. Another way to describe the admission is with a twist of Bill Clinton, "I had sex with that woman, but I did Not father her child!" Edwards says he has not taken a test to determine the paternity of the child. Andrew Young, 41, married with young children, a former campaign aid to Edwards, NOT the former civil rights activist, former mayor of Atlanta and former United Nations ambassador, says a la MJ-Billy-Jean style,"The kid is mine". This looks like a job for Maury Povich!

I'm Clark Dar, and this has been Celebrity Round Up!

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