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Thursday, May 11, 2006

WANTED: Dangerous Fugitive

Clark Dark has a special report from Hollywood.

While *Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson are still touring the countryside searching for the real killers,(*see November 19, 2005 post "New Reality TV Program Idea), and as President Bush is preparing for his post presidential tour of Iraq in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction, the U.S. government is searching for a most dangerous fugitive, an XBox modifier!

This fugitive, who previously only modified XBoxes for the rich and famous celebrities, has failed to make his first court appearance. For this reason the government considers him a most dangerous and wanted fugitive. He has been reportedly seen, and is suspected of having been seen, wandering from town to town instructing small electronics companies on how to modify their XBoxes. (He’s a modern day electronics Johnny Apple-seed with an air of danger.)

I don't even own an XBox, but I can certainly agree this very dangerous situation can not be allowed to continue, as it is corrupting, and may indeed corrupt, the minds of our young people everywhere-giving them the idea they can rent a video game and play it forever instead of paying for every single use.

This ancient and very novel idea smacks of communism. People must pay for every single use or else large companies such as MicroSoft won’t earn enough to pay for their dinner.
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