In The News The President Said “A Whole Lot of Nothing”

We are very happy and glad to know President Obama is on vacation. Judging from all the pre-vacation blabbing talking he’s been doing, it’s clear he needs some time off to collect himself; he especially needs to compose himself in order to present himself as an orderly post-vacation American president for the big Washington DeeCee commemoration of the 1963 march on the national capital for jobs and freedom!

President Obama has been speaking on so many frivolous topics we pause to wonder when did President Obama become a female teenager, an executive version of gossip-girl? The topics range  from commenting about celebrity relationships including,  his reversal of his initial expressed disinterest in the activities or whereabouts of former NSA analyst Ed Snowden; to  his major discourteous critique of how Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, sits in a chair, a fellow leader.

This last bit, rude words for Putin, this behavior makes President Obama appear petty and childish; childishly passive aggressive, a way of expressing his anger with the representatives of the Russian government for providing a safe haven for a brave young American man; one who the president says he does not consider a patriot, nor does he have any interest in his whereabouts or his activities. Diplomacy in the 21st Century has sunken to the levels of the gossips in high school,  the neighborhood, the job or anywhere else you can think of, “Did you see the way she dresses? Did you see who he was with? Did you notice her hair style? Did you see the way he slouches?”….btw the condescending way the president delivered the comment made us think President Obama may have recently heard from friends in the NSA Vladimir Putin called him a “nigger”.

The trouble with this is even if he did “hear this” from such a source, the NSA can attribute anything to Putin; there is no way to verify  he did; if it is true, and if Putin did say it, since the NSA overheard it “illegally,” it is now top secret and can’t be talked about in public, even by the president, so instead he talks about “slouching”, as a matter of national importance, when it comes to Russia.

*That Putin could have called Obama a “nigger” is not beyond the realm of possibility. It seems to be among the trending activities for public officials, regular Janes and Joes around the world, especially in the western world.  It is often the thing to do when speaking privately while disavowing or inflating its importance.

Many around the world  agree nigger is a polluting term.  (It is particularly distasteful for those  who daily demonstrate being loving and loveable in our society.) We think it silly, the new practice when quoting some social miscreant to use ridiculous euphemisms; everyone knows what is meant by the “n-word”;  say the word and be done with it. We apply this precept to all words commonly accepted as crude or vulgar.*

We’re not going to delve too deeply in the fact President Obama avoids any discussion of the 14th amendment as it pertains to the federal budget. In fact, he’s nearly silent on the 14th amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, as regards the debt ceiling. Ask Chuck Todd.

The president’s home environment may be affecting his conversation, even his point of view. Perhaps he is asking his daughters, those young girls for advice. One female teenager plus one prepubescent female  equals two daughters and a family swimming in a hormonal cocktail…it could be mostly fun or it could be very baaaaad.

President Obama needs a vacation. He just appointed James Clapper, the current head of National Intelligence, to oversee a board which monitors NSA surveillance policies.

The president asserted the board would be put in place to “maintain the trust of the people,” despite Clapper previously having admitted to lying to Congress under oath when questioned on the existence of a domestic surveillance database.

The exact duties of the oversight group remain unknown, although Obama said on August 9 it will consist of “a high-level group of outside experts to review our entire intelligence and communications technologies.”

Such action further indicates to us: the man needs a vacation. Much like the way a mother can tell her child needs a nap. That is the way we see President Obama’s pre-vacation behavior, or before vacation behavior (bvb).

No doubt during his vacation in the Vineyard, Martha’s Vineyard, he will be mulling over, along with other urgent domestic and international issues, his part in the commemorative march. When we make speeches we consider our audience. If we were coaching him we’d advise he do the same.  President Obama’s audience  is *all* of the people of the world; even though he will be specifically addressing Americans around the world.

The president has suggested increasing the transparency of the eavesdropping and data collection project, and creating an advocate for civil liberties who would contest government requests for information before the secret court.

We believe in transparency. Since the NSA and some other alphabet federal agencies along with telephone companies, Internet service providers and online search engines are spying, surveilling our daily activities, electronically documenting, transmitting and storing the data yet keeping it secret from us, we suggest we all be given access to the spying. We wish to have  easy access, like the NSA has, to our records and the records of our leaders. and everyone else. A request through the Freedom of Information Act is only the tip of the iceberg. We’d like (to be able to do an online search through the records ourselves and have strong legislation  prohibiting the misuse.

Information is being shared why not permit We, the People to share, too. Let us  decide if what we’ve seen and know of Anthony Weiner is reason for us not to cast our vote for him; or how and what Eliot Spitzer is doing when he’s off the campaign trail. For that matter, we’d like to know how Lindsey Graham, the senior Republican senator from South Carolina is spending his summer vacation.

Lately Barack Obama is droppin’ bombs like Harry Truman, verbal stingers.  That is as far as his resemblance to Harry Truman goes. President Obama comments on most everything unimportant. And when he does speak on the serious matters, the weighty things important to us he tells lies.

Best example is the NSA Clapper Obama Show when James Clapper, current NSA Director admits to lying about the scope of the government’s spying operation domestic and foreign, Obama tells the American public, via The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the snooping is not so serious. As President Obama continues talking to distract we wish to hear him say and *do* something substantive to benefit the people of the nation.

After seeing his remarks to a late night teevee comic We, the People, do not feel safer when sleeping or awake.

The anniversary of the 1963 March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom! is the opportunity to address the nation with high quality intent.

There had never been anything like the 1963 “March on Washington” ever televised in real time. The broadcast of a peaceful gathering of Americans, mostly Negroes, at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial, to make demands, like any other lobby group, of the federal government, was a first.

The president has agreed to give a speech appearance during the end of the month commemoration of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom!

It was an event to make news around the world. Despite the fact electronic coverage, radio and teevee, for other nations was on a delay basis. The entire planet took note. Live.

The upcoming celebration is the opportunity for all of us, including, President Barack Obama, he, himself, to become purposefully dedicated to something other than the banksters’ interests or those of the Wall Street and big business; to be inspired by the courage of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., emulate the bravery and integrity of all those who in one capacity or another fought for our unalienable right to life, liberty and our just claim to pursue happiness.

The unity of people was genuine in the 1963 March based on hope and desire for a better future, unlike the way people interacted on September 12,2001 based on fear, the sky full of terrorists falling. We need a vibe like the peaceful, non malevolent vibe at Mall fifty years ago. We’ve had enough enough of fear, suspicion and spying, so frightened we no longer have any privacy.

From the keynote speech delivered by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., comes the popularly derived nickname, the speech has become known as the “I Have A Dream” speech. The fact is the speech was less about dreaming and more about the reality which is what we’d like to hear president speak about and follow through with more substantive action, such as Executive Orders, for the benefit of We, the People, like the ones issued for the oil companies, large corporations, and of course the banksters.

No doubt we will hear platitudes coupled with more inaction.




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