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Monday, October 10, 2005

Entertainers Raise More Funds for Gulf Coast Survivors

    "Medal of Honor Rag" will be performed in the Hollywood Egyptian Arena Theater October 13th thru November 16th. Will Smith and Heavy D are re-teaming up to relaunch the play "Medal of Honor Rag," with proceeds benefiting hurricane survivors.
    The stage play remake, which Will Smith executive produced, stars Heavy D and is directed by veteran actor Delroy Lindo. The play, which initially ran for 6 weeks this summer, had an all-star audience, including P. Diddy, Jay-Z , Quincy Jones, Eve and Mary J. Blige.
    Based on Tom Cole's 1967 stage play of the same name, "Medal of Honor Rag" is about a clinically depressed Vietnam veteran named Dale Jackson and his relationship with a New York psychiatrist. With all the devastation that has happened in the Gulf Coast region due to the storms Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita,Smith and Hev have both vowed to give one hundred percent of the proceeds to benefit the survivors. The two Hip-Hop legends join a host of artists who have donated to hurricane survivors.
    Cash From the Good Doctor.
    Dr. Dre has donated $1 million to 50 hurricane victims.
    Dre made his donation through the Julia C. Hester House, a Texas organization that will give $20,000 each to 50 families in need. The families were chosen after a needs assessment based on criteria established by the generous entertainer.
    "I wanted to be sure that my donation went directly into the hands of hurricane victims," said Dre via a statement.
    Dre is just one of many artists to give to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Jay-Z and Sean Combs donated $1 million to the Red Cross. David Banner is leading a crusade to raise money for his own, Heal The Hood, Katrina Relief fund. Word is that Game is considering adopting an orphaned Hurricane Katrina survivor.