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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tracey Edmonds~Eddie Murphy~Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown, Clark Dark Reports

Clark Dark here to say it's official.

Eddie Murphy has asked Tracey Edmonds to be his wife and she has accepted his marriage proposal. News reports say the request was made with an 8 carat diamond ring to sweeten the deal.

Murphy is the Golden Globe winning best-supporting actor, also Oscar nominated comedia/actor for his role in the blockbuster musical film "DREAMGIRLS" whose recent battles in a paternity suit filed against him by his ex-lover former Spice Girls member Melanie Brown over his responsibility to their baby daughter, has kept his name and face in the tabloid news. He is the father of 7 children including the child with Brown. Five with his former wife Nicole Mitchell. Their divorce was finalized in April. Which coincidentally was the time when his daughter Angel Iris was born to Melanie Brown also known as Scary Spice. Murphy reportedly also has a child from another relationship.

Murphy and Edmonds have not announced a date for their nuptials. Edmonds does say that the paternity suit by Brown has no bearing on her romance with Murphy.

"The Melanie Brown situation had absolutely no impact on my relationship with Eddie," Edmonds was reported as saying. "That relationship was long over. I knew about the potential paternity issue and I've been supportive of him," she added.

The couple has been dating since October 2006.

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7-5-5 BARRY BONDS Ties HANK AARON'S Record in San Diego!

With a swing and a hit sailing 382 feet into the left-center bleachers, homer number 755 moved Barry Bonds, the San Francisco Giants left fielder, to a level equal with the legendary Hank Aaron.

Bonds is now within one home run swing of obtaining baseball's most coveted record. This historic sport moment came during the second inning of the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball game against the San Diego Padres in San Diego, Saturday, August 4, 2007.

"The hard part is over right now," Bonds said.

"This is the hardest thing I've had to do in my entire career," he said. "I had rashes on my head, I felt like I was getting sick at times."

Observing from in a private box, high above the field Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig was a witness, albeit a reluctant one, to history. Without commenting on the ongoing controversy with regard to the steroid allegations surrounding Bonds, Selig watched reportedlly in cheerless silence.

"No matter what anybody thinks of the controversy surrounding this event, Mr. Bonds' achievement is noteworthy and remarkable," Selig said in a statement.

Selig said either he or a representative would attend the Giants' next few games "out of respect for the tradition of the game, the magnitude of the record and the fact that all citizens in this country are innocent until proven guilty."

Aaron was not in attendance. The Hall of Famer is not following the chase in person.

"We as baseball players, especially as African-American ballplayers, have so much respect for Hank Aaron and all our fellow African-American athletes as well. They have paved the road for what we're doing now," Bonds said.

Bonds' homer drew a mixed reaction from the San Diego crowd. Several fans held up asterisk signs — believing Bonds' record should be considered conditional — and the San Francisco slugger was booed as he headed to left field at the end of the inning.

"I want to thank the fans. They have been outstanding," Bonds said. "It's been a fun ride. I really appreciate the way San Diego handled it and the way their fans handled it."

Bonds walked his next three times up and left the game in the eighth for a pinch-runner. He raised his helmet with his left hand, then his right, and drew a standing ovation from many fans who chanted his name.

Bonds will not start on Sunday, saving his attempt to break the record until a series of home games starting on Monday.

Earlier in the day, Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th home run, and both men donated their helmets to the Hall of Fame.

33-year-old Adam Hughes, was whisked to a secure area so the specially marked ball could be authenticated; Hughes was the fan whose fortune it was to catch the Bonds ball. It is expected to garner at least seven figures when auctioned.

After Bonds crossed the plate, he lifted his batboy son, Nikolai, and carried him in an embrace, then kissed 8-year-old daughter Aisha and wife, Liz.

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