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Monday, September 07, 2009

Jackson Glove Sold For Over $48K

Michael Jackson's jeweled glove, one of many, was sold at auction in Australia on Sunday, September 6, 2009 for more than $48,000 U.S.

The item was sold for nearly twice its estimated selling price.

Jackson's glove went to the highest bidder, a representative of the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hard Rock's agent out bid five others for ownership of the late international super star's iconic bejeweled accessory.

According to a spokesman for the Australian auction house Bonhams and Goodman, not only are they happy with the result of the auction, they also say it is the first glove they know about in Australia.

During the 1996 world tour for Jackson's HIStory release, the King of Pop was in Sydney, attending the premier of the film "Ghosts". The Australian head of national collectibles reports that at the end of the showing of the film in which Michael Jackson had a starring role, he tossed the glove to an audience member who is since deceased.

Bonhams and Goodman, the Australian auction house, discloses this is the first auction of a Michael Jackson glove since his death June 25, 2009.

Another glove, believed to be the very first glove used during his debut of the moonwalk in 1983, is scheduled to be auctioned in November at the Times Square Hard Rock Cafe in New York City.

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